Code Compliance Solution to the R-10 Requirement


Elevate your roofing game with H-Shield HD Composite CG, the ultimate all-in-one solution for seamless compliance with California's new roofing code mandating a minimum R-10 continuous insulation above deck. Streamline your projects and save on labor costs with this innovative product that combines the power of 1.3 inches of H-Shield polyiso insulation and a 0.5-inch polyiso coverboard in a single, code-compliant package.

Imagine the ease of installation and the reduced labor hours when you have both insulation and coverboard in one product, eliminating the need for multiple steps. H-Shield HD Composite CG not only meets the stringent R-10 requirement with its 1.8 inches of combined insulation, but also enhances your roofing's thermal performance and durability.

Step up to a smarter roofing solution that delivers exceptional results while cutting down on labor. Stay ahead of the curve with H-Shield HD Composite CG and embrace efficiency, compliance, and quality in every project.