Revolutionizing Roofing Adhesive Application with ReadyFlash Technology!

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ReadyFlash is a cutting-edge proprietary technology designed to empower roofers with unprecedented control over adhesive flash-off times. Our innovation stems from a simple idea: by utilizing different sides of the board, light or dark, roofers can now influence the adhesive curing process according to their unique project needs. Every H-Shield CG and H-Shield HD board comes with these features standard*.

Gone are the days of rigid adhesive drying times, as ReadyFlash lets roofers tailor their approach based on ambient conditions and time constraints. Need a quicker flash-off in cooler temperatures? Opt for the dark side of the board. Seeking a longer flash-off period? Choose the light side. With ReadyFlash, flexibility and precision are in your hands, leading to enhanced efficiency and superior roofing outcomes.

Say farewell to wasted time. Step into the future of roofing with Hunter Panels and ReadyFlash Technology!

*ReadyFlash Technology does not come on Tapered H-Shield CG or H-Shield HD Composite CG